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29 July 2006 @ 01:17 pm
Well, mid-year exams are over..

It's a good thing to happen. So sick of them.. Back into studying agian.

Meeting new people again so its fun. Enjoying life, planning an end of year trip, well two actually.. can't wait :D
30 May 2006 @ 12:22 pm
Well, after you may or may not have read my prevoius posts you may be wondering who is this crazy guy.

Well, i go by the alias xyster. The ahrr part is just because the name xyster was already taken :(. Talk about random..

I am a very proud AUSTRLAIAN!! HOORAY GO AUSSIES!! WHOOO we just beat greece in a friendly soccer match yay, I must admit though i dont really follow the soccer. Im an Aussie Rules fan and i follow Essendon (yes i kno, crap season this season so far :().

I love spending time with my mates, thats my favorite thing to do. It's the best times, I enjoy throwing a couple of beers down aswell as any good australian would. I enjoy life, love eating love most things, im very easy going and anyone who knows me will agree.

APparently i have a good sense of humour :D, im a fun/funny/silly drunk apparently, who really knows how much people remember.

I enjoy TV, love tv actually.. I go where i feel, im not to worried about schooling, im a good student and i do put in the hours when the time comes to it. Im in my final year and can't wait to finish and see if i can get into a good UNI down under :D
30 May 2006 @ 12:19 pm
Hehe, well as i posted that i re-read it and wow.. that was a fun period of time. Can't wait for it to come around again.

Schoolies is absoloutly going to go off. that will be the biggest booze session ever well, not for ever, but its a great excuse isnt it.

Well, I just rememberd my Formal is coming up soon, hooray, yipppie, can't wait, its gunna be an absoloute blast. Woohooo, yipppie, one thing that beats the formal itself is the formal after party (wow for those who actually reading all my stuff must think im some sort of alcoholic, well im not, not yet atleast :)). The formal is gunna be great, my date is looking damn fine in her strapless black dress i might add and i must admit i look very suave in my suit too. Got it the other day, even polished my shoes, hooray cant wiat.. gunna be so much fun
30 May 2006 @ 12:15 pm
Well. i feel its time for a good rant, its been far to long.

I have been through quite a lot lately, wouldnt know by judging by my live journal though would you, not at all, i have been more or less moving my posts from other places to fill up this sucker to make it finally look like a semi-decent journal, After i made my original post i felt stupid and decided i may aswell fill it in. Its starting to look much better.

For those who know me you may have already read this rant, quite a long one, fun holiday this was:

Hope you enjoy my rany, before u read take note, the word count is 1,400 words ;)

well, u guys asked for it, so im giving it to you, and boy do i have some serious steam to blow off...

well, my holidays started off fantastic and by fantastic i mean first day infact not even the first day the first nite my parents were going out of town for 3 days, meaning it was gunna be just me in a house for 3 days, now i mean to all guys and girls thats like wat u want to hear a house to urself for 3 nites actually.

ok, so friday nite, well i was like, u kno wat would be a good idea, i reckon if i invite a few mates around, by a few i mean i wanna keep it reasonably small so we stuck with a safe 20 people or so, great start to the nite, go down to the local bottle'o, no offence here ,but we went to the one with the asian owners bcus they're the only ones who never question us for our ID's. well , $150 odd dollars latter and a few bags of ice were on my way to my house great, filled up an eski or too with booze, the girls came over, the whole nite went smoothly, as good as could be planed, met me some nice new girls, all was great, UNTIL...........well, the booze started hitting people, they had been doing boody shots and techeila shots all nite long.. well thats wen everything turnd bad.. my mate threw up a few times, no biggie he's responsible he made it to the toilet both times, fair enuf.. the next mate made it to the bathroom, ok now u all kno a standard size sink, well that was completly filled with spew, yes, thats rite, totally filled he managd to clog it up, good thing i was sttaying reasonably sober as i didnt want my house getting trashd tonite, sunday was gunna be a diff story, that was still easy to clean.. my other other mate was completly ****faced, i mean this guy was plastered, i dunno where he made it in the shots game but it was upwards of 25 wen i was still counting and during the drinking games, im not 100% sure, he got the communal cup..this guy ended up passed out on one of the beds. it was all fine about 4am i hit the sack, said goodbye to most people.. i woke up about 5:30 am.. to find my friend who'd passed out on the bed coverd in his own vomit, i thought the filled sink was bad, this was absoloutly disgusting, i dunno wen he chugged, but it musta been sometime just after 4 wen i hit the hay, the smell in that room was absoloutly disgusting, i called his parents to get them too pick him up, he just left the whole mess there, chunky man it was wrong, i grabd all the **** and threw it in the laundry to deal with later wen i had some sleep....

... lemme tell u now guys, for those who dont kno, i mean i had learnt this before, u never leave the vomit, it just got time to soak into everything well rite there was a steep learning curve in cleaning, it was ferral, i shoulda done it that nite whilst i was a lil tipsy seeing this thing while sober made me dry reach.. i wont go into details but damn that was sick

saturday nite was just a few mates who stayed at my house agian. wow, all is going great, i got an 18th birthday lined up on sunday nite.

well, the day of the 18th came , it was guna be a long day, so we decided to have a small pre-party at my house nothing big just about 10 of the girls got ready at my house, nothing fancy but it was a good meeting spot, we make our way to this 18th, man it wasnt so great but there was plenty of food and the girls totally messed up the poor girls 18th speech (yeh, my fault on that one, they left it in my bathroom whilst they were getting readyy)... next thing u kno there are about 35people or so comin back to my house, a few more than i had pland but no problems non-the less... well we had some booze left over we managed to go out and get some more, that nite ended up a totaly blur as all good nites should be.. i managed to keep the guy who vommited everywhere from this party and amazing though there was one guy who threw up before my house and we stuck him outside on a plastic chair where no harm could be done the nite , well based on what i checkd in the morning, went off without a hitch.

well the monday. the main group of 9 of us went off to maccas for a good health breakfast, as u do.. that day we spent all day at a mates house, where i found out something i had done which was a mistake at my house, which i wont go into as its not suited for a public section. that did make a few days awkward though. well to cut it short my paretns came back on the monday, managed to not realise i had had a party, and i mean i did a damn good job of cleaning up utnil i realised i didnt remember where i left that damn camera.. well that was my one pitfall guys, i had left the camera on the bench, my parents came home, first thing they did was go to pack the camera up, but dad needed it for something and ofcourse they found all my great pictures, my day though wasnt ruined, my parents gave me total freedom until the friday wen i finally came home, then they thought it would be fun to sit me down and show each image 1 by 1 and make me explain them all, dont u just hate that? damn that wasnt fun at all, and boy it brought back memories..

well, that was probably some of the best 6 days of my life, i didnt bother filin in the rest of the parties as they werent at my house but it was basically 6 days straight of party / booze stay up all hours sleep a lil, it was great and guess wat, it starts all over again :)

on saturday, well me and my mate were on our way home from sumwhere and we were starving all the damn fast food joints were shut as u can imagine wen its like 4am, ok, so me and my mate werent totally with it at this time, but we knew that there was a 24 hour grocery store not to far from where we were, ok the next day i lookd at it and we walkd like 2km's to this place, damn it was far.. i mean really really far..so many hills, welll we got to this safeway and realised we didnt have as much money left as we woulda liked, but we alsmo didint kno wat we wanted after some thinkin we realised we were thirsty and hungry after my great logic i though, oh ****, we need a milkshake of some sorts, after realising that the grocery store had no milkshakes again we put our heads together to discover we should have icecream, well for those who dont kno, we got the cadbury's entice icream, we were looking for the nuts about chocolate but it seems its not sold newhere, well after we spent like 20mins lookin for spoons at the shop , ok, man who whoulda thought pspoons would be so hard to find we spent $2 on spoons and $6 on icecream, it was great that was my meal for the day.

well for those who read it comment.. i so didnt pour my soul into it, but i poured my heart in?

sry if some memories are a bit sketchy, but i dont really remember it all and to be quite honest most of the days after that sunday are a total warped blur :)

ne question reply by posting a comment hooray :D
30 May 2006 @ 12:13 pm
Well, its exam time.

Yep, exams, hooray, hate them yet love them, quite a conundrum im in indeed. Oh well.

Exams are great when their done, their an essnetial part of life you have to get past, so i guess i mayaswell stick with loving them and studying, oh wats that, im procrastinating right now by filling out my Journal instead of working, well you got that right indeed, i been bumming around this entire time bcus its better than working.

Maybe i have a poor work ethic, well with 4 exams left who wouldn't, its a daunting thing looking down the barrel at your life resting on the outcome of a few exams
30 May 2006 @ 12:11 pm
The title pretty much says it all, but i felt naked with my avatar. i made it a very very long time ago.

Never been very good at graphics, but it was my first attempt and i like it, had it for countless years now. Seen it in many other places to sadly.. Oh well, guess i dont mind, only reason i put my tag in it becuase i was sick of seeing it around :D

Hope everyone likes it
30 May 2006 @ 12:03 pm
Well, i have been rejected from lots of communities now because the maintainers check my LJ page and its blank :)

Fair enough, i'd be trying to stop the leechers aswell if i was them and anyone with a blank page would seem as a leecher.

I am posting this to show im not a leecher. I only join those communities to help share files around.

Im an uploader by heart, i got myself a nice little server and many sources for new files. If i try to join your community please don't just reject me. I am here to help :D

I am a member of some very nice communities which i wont mention because i beleive they prefer it that way.

I just love tv shows. Thats the simple fact. If you want to get in contact with me to hear more information about me please contact me at : xyster@servesu.com

If i get crappy emails that address is very easily interchangeable. It just forwards to another email address so i can quite easily change that and i will be doing so in a month or two anyway :)

Just remember as a final note. i leave this intentionally blank to keep a low profile.